We're fanatical about bringing the irresistable taste of KFC to our customers.

Message from Fritz Meyer, Chief Food Innovation and Technology Officer

We believe that a meal at KFC should be one that you’ll savour and enjoy long after the last bite.

We delight our customers and create memorable meals by being passionate about the quality and irresistible taste of our food. We have a cook in every one of our restaurants, who take scrupulous care and passion to prepare our real chicken by hand, served hot and fresh throughout the day.

We make every effort to create meaningful food variety and offer broad menu choices - something new for our customers to try every time they visit.

We give customers all the nutritional information they need about our food to help them make informed choices.


At KFC Australia, we are passionate about our great tasting food and are continually investigating how we can improve our products and provide broader menu choices. We have been on a journey to improve balanced food choices for our customers and we are committed to reducing sodium and sugar and to reduce trans-saturated fats to less than 0.5% without compromising on taste or quality.

In 2013, we launched a permanent grilled menu, ensuring that our customers can enjoy more options when visiting KFC.

KFC Australia has made a firm commitment to proactively help Australians reduce their salt intake when they visit KFC. We have been implementing a number of education and product initiatives to provide our customers with more choice and more nutritional menu options.

In 2014, we also actively encouraged customers to “ask for unsalted chips” in support of World Salt Awareness Week, prompting customers at the point of sale to consider their salt intake. The Australian Division of World Action on Salt and Health (AWASH) showed its support for the initiative, congratulating KFC for taking a proactive stance on educating customers about salt.

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It’s great to see KFC getting on board with Salt Awareness Week. Having consumers understand the health risks associated with eating too much salt is a vital step. We hope other companies in the sector will follow this lead.

Professor Bruce Neal, Chair of AWASH and Senior Director
The George Institute for Global Health


KFC Australia is committed to being open and transparent in how we cook our food, providing our customers with the opportunity to make informed decisions on behalf of themselves and their family.

We have been proactive in our approach to kilojoule labelling for some time, making it easier for our customers to be aware of the nutritional content of their meal.

  • Since 2002, we have provided allergen information on in-store brochures.
  • Since 2008, we have provided detailed nutrition and allergen information on in-store brochures, and on our website.
  • In 2012, we were one of the first quick service restaurant systems in Australia to introduce menu board labelling in all our stores nationally, despite this not being required by law in every state.
  • In 2013, we introduced a nutrition calculator on our website, for our customers to easily understand the nutritional value of our food.

Food Safety and Quality

Commitment to food safety

KFC Australia has a rigorous food safety program, making substantial investments to ensure our network of over 600 company-owned and franchise restaurants maintain the highest quality standards from paddock to plate.

We have been certified since 2010 and continue to be one of the only national food retailers that is HACCP certified. We conduct this on a voluntary basis, ensuring we benchmark our internal Food Safety Standards to an external standard.

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We commission BSI Group to conduct external food safety audits that provide a robust external view of KFC’s food safety processes, ensuring our internal systems are aligned with local standards, industry best practice and emerging issues. These in store assessments are measured against Australian Food Standards, the SOPAC KFC Food Safety Program and the Codex HACCP standard. In addition to this, dedicated in-restaurant Food Safety Officers conduct over 100 quality and safety checks every day.

Following each audit, we conduct a thorough review of the results and address specific feedback proactively with the relevant stores and appropriate any learnings across our network of employees. We have seen this dedication for continuous improvement exemplified in our auditing scores which improve year-on-year.

All our suppliers are also audited by a third party against best practice Food Safety and Quality Standards. This drives continuous improvement across our suppliers.

In our business, food safety is paramount. Our food preparation and cooking processes meet and exceed Australian requirements and we impress compliance with these standards upon every store.

Innovation and quality

We invest in training our KFC cooks to use fresh quality ingredients and produce, providing our customers with the iconic KFC taste people know and love.

Each year we produce over 200 concepts for new products. After in-house filtering, some 40 new products are developed and produced each year. Of these, only the very best make it to KFC restaurants.

On Saturday 23 August 2014, KFC opened its kitchens to the public at over 160 stores across Australia for its first KFC Open Kitchen Day, showing our customers exactly how we cook our freshly prepared, great tasting food throughout each and every day.

On this day, Australians were invited to tour our kitchens to see why we’re so proud of the way we cook our food, using chicken sourced from reputable Australian suppliers such as Inghams and Steggles – the same chicken you get from the supermarket – delivered regularly to our stores nationwide.

Ethical Sourcing and Supply

Animal welfare

KFC Australia requires its chicken suppliers to be members of the Australian Chicken Meat Federation and to strictly follow the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals, Domestic Poultry.

We ensure our suppliers care about their flocks and are proud of their record in raising healthy birds.

They have high standards of bird welfare to ensure their chickens are well-fed, healthy and comfortable.

Sustainable sourcing

We strive to source local produce, where possible. Around 85% of all our ingredients are sourced from within Australia.

We have a proud history of working with Australian farmers and suppliers across the spectrum of our menu, with our relationship with Inghams extending back to our very first KFC store in Guildford NSW in 1969.

Each week, we deliver around 32 tonnes of lettuce, 16 tonnes of tomatoes, 70 tonnes of fresh burger buns and 16 tonnes of fresh dinner rolls to our restaurants – all locally sourced and produced here in Australia.

We invest considerable time identifying and selecting reputable Australian chicken suppliers like Inghams, Steggles and Golden Farms, who raise chickens in barns not cages.

All of our core ingredient, chicken, is sourced locally and across our system at least 97% of our chicken on the bone, chicken fillets and strips are delivered fresh to store, not frozen. The flour used to bread our chicken, burger buns and tortillas is also sourced from local suppliers like George Weston Foods, Manildra and Allied Mills. To make our famous chips, the majority of potatoes are sourced from Tasmania and Victoria. Our lettuce and tomatoes are sourced from up and down the east and west coasts.

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Foodbank Australia

KFC Australia participates in Foodbank’s Food Rescue Program, allowing us to donate any useable product to people in need.

Through our efforts, 85% of our suppliers have also signed up to be national signatories with Foodbank.

To date, we have donated close to 67,000 kilograms of food, equating to over 90,000 meals.

“KFC provides us with an array of ingredients from meat to sauces and seasonings, all of which are a great addition to our stock list. The two and a half thousand charities we supply with food around the country appreciate the variety as it enables them to provide tasty and nutritious meals as well as versatile home hampers. With KFC’s help we’re striving to ensure that no one in Australia goes hungry.”

Greg Warren, General Manager
Foodbank Australia